What to bring

What to bring to June Moon Dance Weekend

    • Potluck dish for Friday night dinner
    • Snack contribution – bring your favorite snack to share
    • Water Bottle
    • Flash light with extra batteries
    • Bag or backpack
    • Towels and washcloth, shampoo and soap  (for showers)
    • Preparations for rain (hope you don’t have to use them)
    • Warm clothing in case the temperatures drop at night
    • Sunscreen; insect repellent
    • Camera, games, balls, etc., for kids of all ages
    • Musical instruments for jamming
    • and of course….dancing shoes

 Please do not use perfume or other heavy fragrances before dancing.


More about this dance weekend…..

We have 3 showers. All 3 showers have hot and cold water. We ask you to share the hot water and take short showers. Your shower options are 2 outside shower and 1 basement shower.

Main house:
The main house serves as our business office. You are welcome to use kitchen and bathroom but we ask you not to use our phone or computers. We do have wireless so you can bring your computer and connect.

One Jar per person:
To minimize use of disposal products we have mason jars for your beverages. Put your name on your jar. This is your jar for the weekend. We appreciate your cooperation and our efforts to reuse and reduce.

Leaving June Moon:
At the end of the dance weekend we ask you to bag up any trash and take it to the designated trash and recycle areas.